Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl + Toddler= a crazy night

1. We start off peacefully, eating snacks. The commercials are not so great - and some of them are kind of violent. Mommy gets sick from eating too much.

2. Second quarter: Jo gets in trouble. She's hyper and won't listen. She's removed her diaper and is running around the house. The team takes a time out. Josephine: "I time out in my bedroom."

Halftime show: Daddy dances to Tom Petty. Josephine cuts and rips bits of paper all over the living room.

3. Third quarter:
She's been feeding, diapering, and occasionally beating up her baby doll all day. She and the baby "climb climb" the couch and "slide slide" down together, again and again. "Baby little. I big," she tells me. At first she refuses to help clean up the mess, but after some the threat of no books at bedtime and some tickles, she's very helpful. She even asks for a paper towel so she can clean up spilt water. During some crucial parts of the game, instead of glued to the set I am engaged in a tea party. Jo loves serving "hot tea" like her Daddy drinks.

4. The Giants score the game-winning touchdown.
Sean and I are on our feet, cheering and clapping. Josephine is yelling: Look at me! Mommy, I did it! As she sumersaults over and over. We cheer for her, too.

Post-game celebration: Josephine treats us to a "ballet" performance - only it is the strangest, funniest thing I've ever seen - if you've ever seen the Elaine Dance on Seinfeld - kind of like that, mixed in with some running in place "She's a Maniac"and "round and around, boom" - Sean and I both laughing so hard we have tears coming out of our eyes - trying to hide it, of course, - am still giggling - it is awesome.

It was a really good Superbowl - a scrappy contest that came down to the last few minutes - and the dominant Patriots lost to the underdogs - but the whole thing was really a sideshow to the Josephine Extravaganza, which is exhausting, frustrating, comical, and beautiful - and better than any sport, because everyone wins.

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