Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girl in Hat

Just got these pics in from Sean's mum - they crack me up! What a poser!

Today Jo played with an old tube of lipstick,
learned how to use a pair of scissors,
made Daddy's bags of leaves into a chaise lounge for her to stretch upon,
saw a bit of "Lost" on our computer screen and later went to the backyard to explore 'the jungle,'
miraculously found her brown shoe that had been lost in a foot-deep pile of leaves over a month ago,
ate strawberries and pancakes,
pretended to be Santa Claus, giving me imaginary presents to unwrap, all of which I was told were Miss Piggy,
"washed" (soaked) her brown shoe in the bathroom sink,
made a crown that said "I can help" in Sunday School,
"helped" Daddy rake leaves and Mommy sweep with her mop and broom...
Twas a busy day for Lady J.

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