Monday, January 7, 2008


I'm trying to convince Sean that it's all going to be Okay.

She's not going to be a princess-queen forever.

She won't eat, drink, and breathe Pink forever...

I mean, here she is loving a purple dress, for instance...

Her outfit for church yesterday:
Red "church party" dress
Pink stockings
Black velvet shoes
Purple purse
Purple crown
Blue knit scarf
Pink jacket

Let's just say the effect was... stunning. I think it cheered quite a few people up, in fact. One lady was groaning that she didn't have her camera with her.

Still, Queen Josephine did manage to romp with all that on the playground, much of which consisted of going in endless circles shouting "I'm dizzy! I'm dizzy!" while the other kids watched, bemused. And that afternoon she helped Daddy rake leaves.

New concepts stream from her mouth on an hourly basis, as well as complete sentences, but one of the most interesting ones was when last night, Sean pointed at a tree and said, "What's missing from the tree?" "Leaves!"


ChrEliz said...

Not *just* a purple crown, but a stunning tiara with very fuzzy purple down feathers. It was AWESOME. I want one. ITA with you. When kids really do want to dress up like this, the best thing we can do is just let them. If you tried to stop her, it would create unnecessary conflict (and who wants more conflict? there's enough already. she's two, for pete's sake!) and it would lead to her rebelling. She'd probably become a stripper. Better to let her wear the dress up clothes and tiara, now. Just peel/pry/snip off the Disney logos like I do, and you don't have to have your kid be a walking advertisement for Big Mickey! ; )

~Mommy~ said...

dilEmma does the same thing, and I love it. I mean, when else in your life do you have such freedom to just be, and to be so openly accepted? My only worry is when the "pink" thing starts affecting her hair. I don't know what I'll do the first time I see she's used Kool-Aid to dye her hair...