Friday, January 18, 2008

Brief notes: Talking, Singing

1) So, one of Jo's new Fun Things To Do is to run through a range of faces that she makes - lifting and scrunching eyebrows, a variety of expressions... it's pretty funny... and she knows it...

2) Last night at dinner, she started uh interacting with ... something else... she seemed to be signaling to someone or something around the ceiling fan... she was telling it / gesturing to it to come down... smiling at it... Sean and I were extremely puzzled, and we kept trying to ask her who or what she was seeing / talking to, but she wouldn't say... it was extremely strange...

3) "Pacifier / Fire engine" - a song Jo was singing the other day - I loved that she heard the "fire" in "pacifier" and linked it to "fire engine" - word play - to mama poet, this is delightful - The other 'song' she sings is "Mommy right back", which always makes me want to cry, it's her lullabye to herself, it seems

Here's Jo before we went out in the snow yesterday. She LOVED it.

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