Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Jo Moments

Daddy: "You look so pretty today, Josephine."
Josephine: "I AM."

Josephine: "Girls like pink. Boys like blue. Girls don't like blue. I like pink. I girl."
Despite this dissertation on gender and color, she recently renamed her baby doll - the one in the pink dress, formerly Betsy - Baby Sam, also sometimes called Princess Sam. I guess exceptions can be made...

Josephine, pointing out the car window to the woods along the highway: "No wild things, no."
Mom: "Wild things? What are you saying?"
Jo: "No wild things in there, no."
"Oh, like the book? Right, no wild things in there. But there are raccoons - "
Jo: "And hippos."

4. It's hard to keep track of all the new words and concepts that are spilling out with increasing ferocity everyday, but one of my latest favorites is "I decorating!" Seems like just yesterday we were thrilled with two syllable words! ha!

5. Holding a pink paper butterfly: "This is angel-caterpillar, mommy. Angel-caterpillar flying. Is sharp!"

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