Saturday, February 9, 2008

Welcome to New Baby Sam - some random Jo moments

i just love this.

These are out of order - just a few favorites from the last few days. Josephine helping Daddy change Sam's diaper - a good wipe supplier!
Family portrait! Where everyone is gorgeous, and I look like a bloated schoolmarm toad. hee. Seriously, though: Josephine is gorgeous, no?
I love this expression. She became so tender and sweet toward Our Baby.
Bonding with Daddy.
In new Big Sister shirt.
Proud and drowsy mother.

Getting my hair done in the hospital bed.

Suddenly, having the tiny Sam around, Jo seems HUGE and amazingly articulate. Sam and I have been home for a couple days now, and I'm so glad to be here. It was hard being away, even though I loved the room service. Great to be back for moments like these:

1. I said, "Josephine went boom!" and she said, "I SLIDE, actually."

2. Woke up this morning to Sean asking frantically, "Josephine, where is the poo? Where is it?" Apparently, while diaperless, the dirty deed was done - traces of, but not the actual evidence to be found...

3. "I Santa - big Santa. Bring present for me: hairbrush. For Sam: bottle. For Billy: bone. For dad-dad (grandad): toy."

4. "Where's Our Baby? Drinking his milk. Mouse baby. Baby funny. I love Our Baby."

She is definitely ready for Sam to play... his funny faces and noises make her laugh, and she's fascinated with his nursing, and she's been helping Daddy cook and wash dishes, and she loves to pet Sam's head (I do, too - it's the softest thing ever)... and even though I sense there are moments of emotional frustration - "I mad!" she told us today - the fact that she's been able to talk and she's been patient while I feed him and can't play as hard as I used to - well, she's been really tolerant. We're so, so proud of her. It's a time of transition, and as my friend told me today, "all change involves loss - even good change." So far, we've all had our emotional moments, but we're all so happy Sam is here.

5. Jo had me draw pictures of the family. "Draw Daddy. Draw Mommy. Draw Jo. Draw Sam." Seeing that Billy, our dog, wasn't being included - he usually is, though no doubt his ranking has slipped another notch with the addition of Sam - Sean asked, "Who else, Jo? Who's missing from the picture?" Silence. More prompting: "Who is in this room but not in the picture? Who isn't here?" Another pause. Then, with conviction: "Rug. Draw rug."

Poor Billy.


ka said...

The pic of Sean and Jo is so super adorable! Sam's pretty cute too. :)

~Mommy~ said...

Congratulations on the newest addition. He's so beatiful! Have you checked if is available? Hee!

Enjoy this time!