Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MidSummer update

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1) Up top photos - Jo's funny hamming it up faces
2) I told Jo and Sam to sit down and they both sat on a step of the stool - too cute
3) You can't tell, but I made their dinner into little happy faces. It did not help Sam eat his, as you can see from the sorrowful big blue eyes.

Not pictured: Josephine laying her brother on the ironing board, draping him with a black silk drape, and singing in her opera voice: "You will die before I do!"

Also, Sam's language is exploding! Full sentences, imaginative play - his little cars take on personalities and give kisses - and the other night, "I take ballet, Mama? I wanna ballet!" Too cute. He's also not crying anymore when he goes to preschool in the morning. And working on the potty thing. They both love swimming but Sam adores the water, totally unafraid.

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