Monday, May 10, 2010

May Day

Sam - since I treat this blog as a babybook of sorts, I have to record these somewhat banal updates, and please forgive...
a) Sam has slept through the night for almost a week!!!!
b) this morning he ripped off his diaper and pooped in the potty - all on his own accord!
c) his vocabulary and sentences expand daily - but the funniest thing remains his 100 different ways to say "yes," which includes "Rar," "Rah," "Yez," "Yeah," "Jes," and more.

Josephine, meanwhile, has begun to... talk about herself in third person. I can hear her whispering to herself about herself as she does things: "And then Josephine opened the door. She looked inside..." She's NARRATING her life. Now, I remember doing this when I was about 8 years old - I'd read so many books, and I was often convinced I would be the subject of one. But I'm hilariously surprised at her doing this so young! It's soooo funny. And hopefully not a sign that she's narcisstic...

Lately, she's obsessed with death. "When will you die, Mama?" she asked me yesterday morning. I've also been asked to explain The Beginning of the World, Where is the Air, why the Sun gives Energy, and other items that I basically do not have any clue how to answer.

Gift update: I forgot to mention in my Wish List for the Kids a) art supplies (paper, glue, glitter, paint - they go through like crazy) and b) sheet sets, twin size. No Disney, please!

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