Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why My Kid is Brilliant

1. We were reading Fancy Nancy and the Book Report, which is about the character doing a report on a biography of Sacajawea.
Josephine: Is Fancy Nancy a real person?
Me: No.
Josephine: Then this book is not a biography, is it?

And she's decided to be Sacajawea for Halloween.

2. Jo brought home a coloring book picture of Minnie Mouse from preschool. All by herself, she cut it out, traced the cutout on another piece of paper, cut THAT out, and then proceeded to copy - draw Minnie Mouse on the blank cutout. And it looks amazing! I'm just so impressed she came up with this idea and executed it - and her drawing talent is awesome.

3. Her new preschool teacher, the very kind Mrs. Cook, told me that Jo's writing ability far and away surpasses other kids her age - "she's ready for kindergarten," she said.

4. As you can see in the picture, she loves studying Asterix books. Today she was reading the book to Sam. And asked me: What are Romans?
I explained about people in the area of modern-day Italy wanting to take over the world...

5. And this was just cute. We sat down for dinner the other, and Josephine, quite seriously, said, "And so, how was your day?" in this very adultish way. Too much. Too cute!

6. Oh, and Why does Sam have a shirt on his head? Because he's pretending to be a puppy, of course. And that last picture is Josephine's sad face...

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