Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring approaches... with Teeth

Josephine doing first position above, with plie and curtsey - everyday that it's been nice outside we've been spending the afternoon in the grass, yanking daffodils and frolicking with the forsythia, which she renamed "Suns." And some little purple things she calls "thrombonias."

We then decorated our table with the flowers and before dinner shared our joys of the day, which for Jo included dancing outside and all the people she loves.

Meanwhile, Sam has five teeth bulging at his gums. It's painful just thinking of it. He's in the cute phase when he can point to his nose and ears - not always with the correct word, but sometimes... he loves to imitate what we say. He points to a peacock. "Peacock!" I say, slowly. "Ee-caw," he echos.

Teaching Josephine to use words and not fists when dealing with either little brother or best friend is a challenge.
"I had a rough day," she said one afternoon as I was picking her up from the babysitter.
"Why, honey?" I asked.
"Lily pushed me."
"Did you tell her not to? Did you talk to her about it? Did you tell the babysitter?"
"No," said Josephine. "I just pushed her back!"

So - okay, she's not being a victim. But now she's got it in her head she can wack and smack at anyone who gets in her way. So back to retraining her on dealing with bruiser babies... and how to stand up for herself without turning daycare into a boxing ring...

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