Monday, March 9, 2009

Kids With Food & More Strange Utterances

Kids With Food: As the photographic evidence attests, mealtime remains a time for experimentation, not for sustenance. Sam, as you can see, is trying to transform into Popeye. And Josephine prefers making pictures out of spaghetti as opposed to eating it.

I guess this is why the great artists are always starving - they grow up conditioned to art preempting food.

More Strange Utterances:
According to her babysitter, Jo flung herself on the couch and exclaimed dramatically, "Now is the time to celebrate our youth!"

And yesterday, while holding one of the new daffodils that just sprung up in our yard, she queried: "Mama, is the world going to end?" I asked her today who told her that, and she pointed at ME. What??? REM song??

Just now she was pretending to put Sam in jail. "A cage, I call it," she said, authoritatively. "Get back in jail, I put you there."

In the bath tonight, she was curious about where "Evil-Land is?" and whether "evil witches have wands?"

She's also been driving me mad asking me every minute "When's your birthday?" and "When's springtime?" and "When is nighttime?" over and over and over again. Not sure what that strategy is about. Am only sure that these techniques should be studied by the CIA for those interrogations...

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Sean Tubbs said...

That picture with Josephine and the noodle picture is one of my favorites of her ever.