Thursday, March 5, 2009

Butterfly in the Snow

a) Butterfly in the snow - Jo's been wearing her butterfly coat all week - I sang her a little song after she told me she was a butterfly queen:
She's a butterfly queen
Her name is Josephine
Prettiest one that I've seen
Jo the butterfly queen...

Our attempts to go sledding = not so great. Sam got cold and cried and a girl at the park ran over Jo. So they wailed while I dragged them up hill all the way home.

b) Sam has been really into drawing with crayons - on the window. I keep catching him doing it - and look at that face! He just grins - and, NO KIDDING - I had the camera and HE WAITED for me to take the picture, held the grin for me - a complete ham.

c) He's sort of sleeping through the night (finally!) - both parents relieved, though exhausted. It's hard to learn to sleep through the night ourselves...after being so used to waking up constantly...

d) Sam can say: Hi, Bye Bye, Hat (while pointing his index finger at his head), Up, Mama, Dada, and No. He chatters a lot and sings quite a bit, too.

e) Jo is currently doing this cute little mannerism - when you ask her a question, any question, like "where is your coat?" or "did you have fun today?" she begins all of her responses with a dramatic "OH! - " and a pause - "OH! - My coat is over there" and "OH! - I did have fun today" - it doesn't always make sense but it's always pretty darn cute.

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