Saturday, September 6, 2008


1 - On a family walk; Jo in 'bunny ears' - Sam 'chilling'
2 - Jo and Lily getting fancy
3 - Oh the glamour of the housewife - this is me after Sean insisted I wear a new shirt, instead of the one I'd been wearing for three days straight - oh yeah.

1) In the middle of the night, Jo called from her bedroom, "Mama! Mama!" and Sam, who was wakeful next to me in bed (he's been up all night the last three nights, sick, feverish, sweating, crying) bellowed back to her, "aahha waah waaah!!" Seriously, he was yelling back to her! (Meanwhile, the parents are groaning and piling pillows over our heads.)

2) We were playing with a baby doll, had it sitting up next to Sam, and then I - playfully - threw it up in the air and landed it on its head - you know, to be funny, like a cartoon. Sam burst into tears. He did not like watching the baby get hurt.

He turned 7 months yesterday; is over 18 pounds.

3) I have been trying to remember some of the things Jo is saying these days, but the child has turned into a major chatterbox; she talks ALL DAY LONG. Unceasingly. She tells me things like, "Flowers turn into mountains. Mountains don't turn into people; people turn into trees" as part of her "puppies turn into dogs, but babies don't turn into dogs" soliloquy... She told me a story about a duck who goes to the circus and swims in the swimming pool with all the elephants. She told me:
You (mama) were in the garden digging in the dirt. You found a worm. Then you found a bird. You cleaned off the bird and fed it.

Her memory is incredible. "I saw a man wearing a skirt," she said.
"You did? Where?"
"With daddy." Pause. "Some wear pants, some wear skirts; some wear shirts, some wear dresses!"
I asked Sean later if he had any idea what she was talking about. "We did see a man wearing a skirt," he said. "Three weeks ago!"

4) We found a preschool for Jo - she's going to start going on Wednesdays. It is a magical place - garden paths, bunnies, purple rooms... more on that later. Totally a gift from the universe - and from Lily's parents, who heard of the opening and basically got it for us on virtue of Lily and Jo's friendship!

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