Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Empress Has No Clothes...

So, Mom says something like, "You know, these days kids are just too overworked, every part of their day structured and planned - they need time to be bored, so they can go use their imagination."

I heartily agree; in fact, once I realized that large swaths of 'nothing to do' allowed Josephine the freedom to invent and imagine for hours on end, everyone was happier.

However. Jo's muscular imagination tends to trample on reality to the point of parental exasperation. As in, it's time for dinner, and we tell our naked child to put some clothes on before coming to the table.

"I DO have clothes on," she says.

We look again. "No, you don't."

"I'm wearing a pretend dress and a pretend crown," and she extends her arms in the air to show us, presumably, the imaginary finery.

"Lovely," we say, "But for dinner, you at least need a shirt. A real one."

The queen is not amused. Later, she tells me, "My crown has DIAMONDS, and it's VERY, VERY tiny, teeny tiny, and SHINY. And my dress is PINK. It's so lovely!"

Of course, I have to agree.

Meanwhile, at a playgroup yesterday, a little baby boy a couple weeks younger than Sam showed him up by crawling around and trying to wrestle toys out of Sam's hands. "Show off," I grumbled inwardly to myself. Hee hee. Sam is currently going through a phase where he wants to be held ALL THE TIME, and it is driving me insane.

The only other thing that can placate him? See photo above. If Josephine is around, he is happy.

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