Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boy Interrupted: Texas Trip Tale, Part 1

Most of you who read this know by now that, two days before we were to return home from our trip to visit my mom and family in Texas, Sam started screaming in pain. Following a harrowing night of constant screaming, blood, vomit, no feeding, and an ER visit with bad care, we finally found out, at Cooks Children's Hospital in Fortworth, that he had "intesuseption," a rare problem that means part of the colon telescopes in on itself. Untreated, the condition can lead to death.

Sam was given an IV - this took several tries, as his veins were flattened from dehydration - a sonogram, and a procedure to fix the problem, surgery was avoided and Sam was instantly better. I stayed with him overnight while Josephine - a real trooper - went back to the farm with my mom so they could pack our bags and we could make our flight the next day.

Sam was so brave.

Thank you to all of you who offered support and prayers while this was going on. It was so sudden and fast and all the procedures rushed (not to mention, we didn't have our cell phones!), so I was unable to call people as I would normally do.

Most of all, I have to say a big thank you to my mother. She and I tended Sam through the night together, taking turns holding him while he screamed, playing with Josephine, cleaning up the soiled diapers, floors, clothes. She stayed with him when I couldn't take watching him cry any longer as the nurses stabbed him with needles in his feet, arms, head. She calmed him down when no one else could. She was resilient, strong, amazing.

Sam is good! There is a possibility of recurrence, but at least we know what it is now. He is back to his smiling, babbling, happy self. And we are home after a wonderful trip.

More pictures of the fun parts to come!

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ChrEliz said...

I will always remember the oddness of driving around Cville at 2am trying to find you guys in the ER (which ER?) after reading your cryptic text. I wanted so much to help, and then at the same time had such a deep sense of certainty that everything would be okay. I was so concerned but at the same time I was not at all panicked. I guess I was getting the psychic vibes that you must have been sending after your cell phone tanked. I am so glad you guys are okay and home safe and sound. Poor sweet Sam. I can only imagine how that whole thing felt. I am so grateful that he is well. Love you.