Monday, April 2, 2007

J-O-S-I-E Spells Trouble

Here's a couple pictures of Josie in our hotel in England.

But what I want to talk about is this girl's love of shoes. I had to go shoe shopping yesterday (okay, "had" may be a little strong!) and she came along. She tried on shoes, too. Spangled heels, waxy red clogs, pink slip-ons... she scooted up and down the aisles of the various stores, hanging onto the edge of the wall as though having a first foray in skates on an ice rink... carefully, slowly, focused, serious... falling every once in a while, and then grabbing a new striped pump and running with it close to her chest, giggling with glee. Even this morning at home she was doing it - found my new sandals and wore them like snowshoes down the hall.
Too adorable, too cute. I am just glad that she was only trying on shoes too big for her, because if she had been in love with ones her size, I probably would have bought them for her. One hypnotic stare from those blue eyes and I'm a gonner.
As the old dude at CVS said to me yesterday, as Josie bounced a pink ball and shook her little ringlets, "She's beautiful. And you're in trouble. Just wait till she's sixteen."
Of course, sixteen makes me think, Oh my goodness, I'm going to be OLD.

We had a great day yesterday. Josephine noticed MANNEQUINS for the first time. She didn't understand what they were. As Sean pointed out, she was looking for feet and a head (missing on these ones), intently - "Her little brain is blown," he said, and it seemed right. She went from one to the other, mystified, perhaps a little scared, tried waving at them, pointing to their motionless hands...


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