Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Not exactly sure what kind of basketball technique lifting up your skirt to show off your belly button to the 4-year-old neighbor boy, but Josephine had a blast bouncing and kicking the ball on our little culdesac. The little boy desperately wanted to hold her hand and lead her around, which he did a couple times, very cute. (This pink dress and some of her other clothes actually come from his grandmother, after his mother had a late-term miscarriage. So it's kind of bittersweet how brotherly he is toward Josie.)

This morning Josie asked for some of my cereal and loved it "mo! mo!" (more); then she asked for a tissue and blew her nose! Yay! She also had a temper tantrum, but didn't want me, just went to her little chair and sat in it for some time alone. Funny!

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