Monday, February 6, 2012

Sam Turns Four, Pirate Style

Before the big day, the girls practiced being mermaids.  Josephine, performing as always.


I found the girls doing Sam's hair. Getting him handsome.

Two friends donated large boxes to become a pirate ship. of course, Sam was  just happy to climb in the box.

Josephine getting wrapped up "like a baby."

Pirate cake!

In his pirate cape, watching the cake being made.

The completed pirate ship and crew.

Checking himself in the mirror.

A little put out that I made him stop so I could take a photo.

After the cake.

Sam is way impressed with himself for turning four. And very reluctant to give up being the Birthday Boy, a role he lived up to the max for three days straight. 

We're all very proud!

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