Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrating Sam's 4th Birthday

I'm so happy that my son is healthy, happy and blossoming into a fine little man. 

Now that he's 4, he has earned the right to this smirk. 

Josephine spent some time trying to learn "Happy Birthday"

One of Sam's presents was a real version of Angry Birds

Sam set this up himself and eventually learned how use the slingshot. 

The music room has returned, and so we're spending time playing again. 

Sam caught us just as we were about to bring the cake to him!

Sam loved his Lego Space Shuttle, even if he's not too keen yet on learning how to put it together. 

Mandi's present to Sam was a 3D puzzle

The cake. It was Super Bowl Sunday, after all. 

He may not have wanted to put it together, but he was very careful playing with the shuttle doors. 

All three of us worked to put the finishing touches. 

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