Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Magic in a Young Girl's Heart

With her two dollars from her grandma Helen, Jo purchased a pink unicorn on a stick and a kitten puzzle. Sam likewise got a purple unicorn and a football.

All was hunky-dorey until Jo and I started to carve into the puzzle box (why do they make those things so sealed tight?) and discovered that 503 pieces is A LOT OF LITTLE, TINY PIECES and I just looked at it and laughed... Jo put a sticker on her shirt and one on mine and said, "These are magic stickers. They will make the puzzle pieces get bigger and make not as many, so then we can do it."
"oh really?" I asked.
"Oh yes, they're magic. Ah," she said, rubbing the sticker. "It's working. It's really working."
She wanted to wait while the magic worked.
I didn't know what to do! I mean, there's something so sweet about a four-year-old's faith in a magic sticker - you hate to crush it - but good lord, we couldn't just sit there staring at a puzzle box that wasn't going to magically shrink.


I got Jo a big-girl twin bed yesterday; so exciting. We were talking about the Fairy WinterSnow party coming up, and she was chatting: "I fink," ("think" comes out "fink"), "I fink we will need tickets."

So cute.

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