Monday, November 16, 2009

Killing time while Daddy works

The other day, we went to Piedmont Virginia Community College. There was an event I had to record and I couldn't find a volunteer to cover it, so I figured we could go exploring. Thankfully, there were pink flamingos in the parking lot.

The hallways surrounding the auditorium at PVCC house an art gallery. I love taking the kids to any place where there's public art on display. The hallway itself was beautiful, lit up by the November sun shining in at an autumn angle. The artwork was okay, but we were much more interested in the stink bugs that were attracted to the sunlight.

Being such a beautiful day, we went outside to explore around the building. Josephine and Sam both enjoyed these cool steps, though I was a bit scared they were going to emulate Jack and Jill.

Sam was patient with me long enough to take a lot of snaps of him. The light was perfect, and I wanted to capture him at 21 months. Here's a selection of what developed.

We went back inside after a while, and the event had these little booklets from the Rutherford Institute on the Bill of Rights. Both Josephine and Sam were occupied for at least 10 minutes reading through them. I'm hoping both will ace their government exams when they're older!

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