Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why, and Other Questions

Josephine asked me the other day: "Where does pee go?"
A really good question.
So, I launched into a description of pipes in the house meeting up with a big pipe in the street and converging waste products at the waste treatment plant...
"Where does PINK pee go?"
"Well, there's not really pink pee, per say..."
"Yes there is."
Then she outlined the story I had just told her, word for word, all the way up to the waste treatment plant, "... and then the pink pee gets put high out of reach so the babies can't get it."
Ah, yes.

Then we were having dinner. I was desperately trying to encourage Josephine to eat her rice.
She was talking gobbledygook. "I can say fancy words," she explained. "I'm speaking French."
"You know, " I started, sensing an in, "People in France eat their rice. What do you think about that?"
"They do?" she asked, incredulously.
"What about China people? Do they eat rice?"
"Why, as a matter of fact, they do. A lot of it."
Oh good lord. "Because they like it. Because they grow a lot of rice."
"Because rice crops do well in China..."
"And they eat and eat and eat so they won't sleep?"
"No, people in China and France like to sleep. They love it."
"Because they get tired. Everyone likes to sleep. Everyone in the world." (Except you!)

The other question I hear all the time: "How time it is?"
And then trying to explain the AM and PM repeat of the same numbers... why is there an 8 in the morning and an 8 at night? It's confusing. And when she asked Why on that one, I really had no idea. Time to move to military time...


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