Monday, January 12, 2009

Stickers and a Clarinet

So proud to have put little stickers all over Sam's head

Music time with Daddy, always a big hit!

The little tykes' cutest moment these days: When they embrace each other like two little bear cubs, in a hug-tussle, and kind of kiss each other. Sooooo cute!

Jo's manners these days - may I and please and thank you - are incredible!

Sam is into pointing with his index finger and saying "dis! dis!" And eating Everything. Literally. Everything. Of course.

The other day, Jo asked if we could give Sam away to her friend Emma. "I just want to be alone with you and Daddy," she said. So I made arrangements for the two of us to have a mother-daughter outing together, to her delight, but said, "Well, do you still want to get rid of Sam? Sell him to the gypsies?" "No, he wouldn't like them. I want to keep him." And today she said: "We don't sell babies for money, mommy." We often have a good time laughing at the silly things Sam does - like biting his own finger and making himself cry - biting our toes - baby antics...

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