Monday, January 12, 2009

Jo's Drawings

Right around Christmas, Jo's artistic ability just exploded. After the Nutcracker, she drew a schematic of the entire theater, complete with the drums, the stairs to our seats, the stage, the soldiers, the hallways. She also started drawing faces and bodies, like the above - self-portraits - dozens of them - with multiple body parts, like eyebrows, fingers, throats - and hair styles - like "here's me with long hair blowing in the wind" (the first one above) or "here's my hair with a side ponytail." The other week she drew a cat - peeing. And now, they almost look like cartoons - the last one above, for instance, indicative of her most recent style.

We've also been learning about things like snail mucus, koala pouches, and where our food goes when we eat it - she knows all about the esophagus, for instance... Three is so far a really fun age!!

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