Sunday, July 29, 2007

Swimming Pool

So, Josephine and I went to the pool this afternoon around 4. It was fairly empty, she loved the water, yadda yadda. She loved jumping off the side into my arms and crawling like a dog along the steps. But mostly she loved watching the other people - staring at them quizzically, analytically, even - and investigating the various float devices scattered along the concrete. It was kind of like swimming with Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple or something - sure, she has moments of cooing and squealing with delight, but often she's quite seriously inspecting the world around her, figuring out its causes and consequences - why people are laughing, how they are jumping, why things work the way they do... she's so curious!

Then I realized she had a dirty diaper - a dirty SWIM diaper.

Well, I could have and maybe should have gone home, but coming in was a family we know from church whose daughter is 2, and we were still having fun, so I decided to change her in the car (where the swim diapers were). Well, it was very ... messy...I didn't have wipes (so much for being prepared).. I wanted scissors to cut them off of her, you know? But instead had to drag them down and the whole thing was a MESS... I rolled up her dirty bathing suit with diaper in a towel and put in trunk, deciding they would all just have to get thrown away (sad, but recent sickness makes me very weak for these things). Then all I had to put her in was a pair of boy's swim trunks I got second-hand and had for some reason. So Josephine looked like a little boy for the rest of the day. She didn't mind, of course. I, on the other hand, wanted to stick a sign on her that said "I WAS wearing an adorable swim outfit that clearly signaled my gender, but my messy diaper got on everything and my darling mother cared more about me having fun than what I look like, so she put me in this - but just in case you think I'm a freak, I'm wearing this disclaimer."

Anyway, it was very amusing.

Then the pool got filled with crazy kids and the two girls had fun (the other little girl kept singing "Josephine! Josephine!" and insisting that they jump at the same time) and we all had a blast and got home in time to miss the thunderstorms and then after dinner Sean put her to bed and it was a very nice day.

Second picture comes from church this morning - one of Josephine's favorite busy activities is to play in the sandbox. This morning one of her little friends pushed her, and later she told her daddy, "Alex pushed." I think this may be the first instance of her telling a story (?) hours later...

I love when Josephine has friends - have to watch my anxiety about it, though. Saturday I asked a little girl if she wanted to play with her, and the girl said blankly, "NO." I was crushed! Again, Josephine didn't care and just ran around with the other kids anyway, while I agonized in the corner (hee).

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