Monday, May 21, 2007

"I did it!" Josephine Says

The weekend report.

1) She's a climber, folks. She's climbing windows. She's climbing the toilet to the sink. She climbed ME at a restaurant the other night (at left).

And she's a talker. Yesterday at the park, she climbed up some metal rungs onto a play structure all by herself - and proudly exclaimed, "I did it!" She did it! Then two little girls, 4 and 7, showed up and played with Josie on the monkey bars and slide - trying to be a big girl, Josie did her hanging from the bar act, so strong and proud. Then she ran through the buttercup fields in her little green jumper, so adorable. Then we went to the grocery store and yay! the cart with the little car attached to the front was available, so we had a blast shopping (and I almost ran into everything and everybody).

2) Shapes: Examining a purple and yellow peony the other day, Josie pointed and said, "star!" I looked: and Yep, she was right - the yellow part was shaped like a star. (Wow.)

3) Entranced: Got to witness a mama cat nursing her four tiny little kittens (our neighbor is fostering them for the summer).

4) Colors: "Show me something blue, Josie." And she did!

5) This morning, holding her hand as she carefully held the rail and descended the steps from our porch, after giving me the pink hippo and the duck book and the lunchbag to hold until she got to the bottom, I just welled up with love and delight.


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