Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dogwood Festival 2017

This morning, Amy Sarah asked if I'd take the kids to the Dogwood Festival and I was so glad to be reminded this was happening! Tonight was a wristband night where for $20 they could ride as much as they wanted to. It has been some years since I was able to take them to the carnival and I was go glad to be able to go. 

Josephine checks to see if Sam is tall enough to ride the Paratrooper.

I love taking them to events like this so they can make good memories together. The last time we did this was in the summer of 2016 when we went to the Madison County Fair.  This summer I hope we can make it to many more events like this. 
After a long wait, they finally boarded, still smiling. 
Singing in flight! 
Sam loves to play games at carnivals. I'm glad that this particular carnival is very generous with prizes. Sam made two out of three shots and was able to win a prize! 
So now we have a new friend who will fit in nicely around the house. 
The Ferris Wheel was particularly enjoyable this year, I was told. 
Sam got to ride the swings... 
But our new friend didn't make the weight requirement and had to wait outside. 
Some of the rides were pretty fast. 
And they kept seeking out the next one. 
But eventually it was time to go. 
Yet there was time for one last ride. 
In all, a good night at the carnival. 

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