Monday, November 2, 2015

Sleepover Party

I did it to myself.

I thought, "five girls for a sleepover party? can't be that bad..."

I was wrong.

There was vomit.
There was poop.
There was glitter.
There was glue.
There was late-night face paint.

And I'm not sure which was the worst to clean up.

Of course, the girls were giddy. And many times I heard exclamations of "Best sleepover ever!" and "Best girls' night out ever!"

And we did fun things! Crafts, pizza, ice cream birthday cake (Jo decorated it by herself). A cool movie. A game. Presents.

It's just... the craft was conducted more like a rugby match than a Martha Stewart show. I'm not sure why so much.... dancing and hollering were involved...

And Josephine had a stomach bug, which meant she had explosive diarrhea... meanwhile, the dog went outside and found some poop to roll in, so I had to clean that up... and at 2 a.m., Jo woke up and vommitted all over the floor in the room of sleeping girls...

There was a lot of squealing. Especially when some pranksters in scary masks started tapping on the windows and doors... picture five angry girls in pajamas screaming down the street... and then standing in front of me: "We will NOT sleep until we exact our revenge!"

So, yeah: They dressed up like zombies and I conceded to drive them over to Aunt Julia's house (hideout of the pranksters, Lisa and Sam) to scare them. And a couple other parents' houses. It was... epic. Hilarious. Exhausting!

Poor Josephine felt miserable in the middle of the night, so worried about missing Halloween. She didn't want her birthday to be terrible. Thankfully, she didn't throw up again, and no one else got it, either.

After a solid 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I was bleary and the girls were as hyper as ever. 6 a.m. had a spy meeting, wherein they planned to have this sleepover every year. Ha ha, very funny. 7 a.m. started band practice. I was cleaning and disinfecting. One by one they went home, and the house got quieter and quieter...

Five girls. One night. Insanity! And a lot of fun. Certainly Josephine will remember her 10th birthday!!

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