Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All I Want for Christmas is... EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE STORE

We took a tour of Michael's and Toys R Us to get a feel for what the kids were wanting for Christmas. Not sure how helpful this was. Seeing how much fun they have playing with the milk cartons out of the recycling bin, as well as all the witty art they did on a large cardboard box recently, maybe we'll just let them play at the local recycling center for a few hours.

Seriously, though, we do have a list we're putting together. Clearly, they NEED nothing. Josephine helped me put together some hygiene kits for the inmates of our local women's prison, so the more we can think about giving to others - maybe clearing out some old toys? - the better.

Though donating second-hand toys can be problematic. Esp. after the local homeless shelter refused free sandwiches from a nice restaurant in town because the shelter ONLY takes organic, locally-sourced food.


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