Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013: Bunny, Ballet, Fancy Outfits

Happy Easter! A busy weekend Josephine in her first ballet class of the term! She was gorgeous, and Sam, Daddy, Lisa, and I were all there to cheer her on and witness her quiet focus. So graceful!

Earlier that day we went to the City's Easter Egg Hunt which was more like a locust field attack, and we climbed on a fire truck.

The kids then did a dance show on the back porch while friends gathered around a fire and grilled steak. At one point, I tried to join them dancing and Sam said, "No mommy, you go over there, not up here on the stage. But you can dance over there if you want." Hilarious.

While dancing, Josephine said to Sam, "You know, Sam, we could make money doing this."

They sang "Hallelu" with the Children's Choir at church this morning, holding hands except when they needed to clap/snap. We didn't realize until we put the outfits together that three of the four of us matched. We had our favorite reporter from CBS 19 there to cover Easter from an equality perspective and she got plenty of shots of Jo with the bunnies and Sam in his cool hat.

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