Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Why do I have to window?" Jo asked this morning.
"Because I'm in a contest!"

Get it? Win dough. So I asked where she heard this.
"I made it up!"
"No way."
"Yes, I learned it from MY HEAD. I went in there and learned it. But I only do that at night."

She's also sounding out - reading words, like "Glad" off the garbage bag box.

Meanwhile, sister Leah is in labor so we should have a baby niece / cousin soon - hurricane approaching but hopefully Richmond will just have strong wind and rain. Of course, Sam says it's "MY baby." Hmmm.

Josy (that's how she is called at school) has turned into a self-possessed firecracker this week. Suddenly she's a comic. Here she is below being a hippo, and then she started doing her feet as puppets at the table. Sam finds this enchanting.

He is, meanwhile, in love with his Mickey backpack (yay for Goodwill)... he was very frustrated when he couldn't figure out how to get it on correctly but once I taught him how he did it and is very proud every time.

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