Sunday, June 12, 2011

Singing, Sleeping, and Saying Things: June 11, 2011

Sam and Jo Original Songs - watch this video for a fun glimpse into Sam and Jo performing songs they've "written" ... And, below, they're playing some game of fairy babies sleeping in the irises...
Josephine, sounding just like me, was asking me today, "Why is it, 'cute as a BUTTON'? Buttons aren't cute. It SHOULD be 'cute as a kitten'; unless it's a Hello Kitty button." This tickled me to no end, as I am always questioning these kinds of phrases.... also below, asleep in my bed. Adorable. And light in the trees - Jo and I experiencing the twilight beginning together. oh, and Sam?: "I'm 3. I'm a grownup." And: "I"m Justin Beaver."

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