Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recent pictures from daddy's house

 The yard was filled with daffodils, which Josephine picked to decorate the goal

Crazy horses hanging out together while Sam perches above the terraces

Hockey playing while space man hopes to not get hit 

I so hope he wants to mow the lawn when he's older. I will show him this picture.

He shoots! He scores!

The stair princess will give you passage if you give her ten cookies, preferably ones made of onion.

Our friend Mandi helped us fly a Dora kite we found in a trunk of toys in the basement we didn't know about.
Mandi did a great job, don't you think? 

Ukelele in the trunk of the Volvo. Why not?

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maiaoming said...

Gorgeous! Though that tape recorder we brought home caused utter confusion. "Put a CD in it, Mom," they told me. "It only takes cassette tapes." "What's that!?" they asked. Sigh... :) Then Jo built a stall for her horses.