Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gardening begins!

Gardening begins! Here, Sam dances with a dandelion.

First, we set out what we want to do.

Sam and Josephine try to figure out how big this thing should be. 

Sam begins breaking the dirt apart.
He was so determined to do a good job, 

Josephine helps to rake the garden to make sure the soil is ready when we're ready to transplant.

We found lots of worms, and Josephine's job was to make sure they weren't cut in half by the shoveling and the raking.

Afterwards, it was time to plant the seeds that will eventually wind up in the garden. Above, Jo is planting our cherry tomatoes, or as she calls them, "baby" tomatoes. Then Sam and Jo take turns growing some of our food for the year.

Kids together.

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