Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 2010

Jo was laughing in her sleep this morning. "Mama! I dreamt that Sam had music coming out of his butt!"

Simple math: We were talking about granola bars - two bars to a p

"What if I had five packs? How many bars would I have?"
"What if I ate one bar out of each pack?"
And so on. She's doing math in her head! She loves playing with numbers.

And words. And everything! It's hard to keep up with the things she says...

Meanwhile, Sam is all two: No no no and mine mine mine.
He does like to say now "That is my favorite" and "It's so beautiful" and "I love it so much" and other funny expressions. He also says "either" in his sentences all the time.

FYI, we have to move next week. Landlord foreclosing on our place. Sigh!

Jo loves her ballet/tap/gymnastics class!
And they both loved the pools this summer - see them playing lifeguard in the picture where Sam is pretending to blow the whistle and Jo is swimming in the grass - but Sam definitely LOVES water. Hope to get him in swim class soon.

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