Friday, August 13, 2010

Cracking Me Up... or just Cracking Up?

1. So, we were settled down, and I started reading aloud.

There was an echo. Josephine was repeating everything I said as soon as I said it.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.
"I'm reading with you," she explained. Though, since she can't read, she was just echoing me. Every time I said something, she said it, too, and if I stopped, she stopped - !

And she did it for the whole book. It was crazy-making. It started making me laugh. Reading became impossible. It was pretty darn cute.

2. Again, going to bed, Sam went under a blanket and Jo said he looked like a ghost. Sam started babbling about "da ghost in the window" and "is scary" and I don't know what else he was saying, but Jo and I tried to tell him there was no ghost, ghosts don't exist, and he insisted that it did, "ghos not gone, ghos at window".

Here's the creepy part: When I came downstairs this morning, the basket where I keep my keys and sunglasses and address book by the door had been overturned, my keys were across the room - and none of us had done it.... ack!

3. We were going to Whole Foods.
"WHOLE Foods? Why is it called WHOLE Foods? Let's go to HALF Foods!" said Jo. hee hee.

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