Monday, April 26, 2010

I Wuv Oo

There's nothing as sweet as waking up to your little two-year-old quietly padding to your bedside, putting his head beside yours, and whispering, "Mommy, I Wuv Ooo." And then giving you a big kiss. And because he's two, doing it all over again a couple more times.

It's good to have these moments, because they fortify a person so that later when this same sweet boy is screaming about having to leave his new Spiderman swim shorts at home, well, you have a layer of sweetness to bolster your patience.

Josephine, meanwhile, is challenging my somewhat cursory knowledge of science: In the past weeks, I've been asked to explain - in factual detail - condensation ("Why do grapes turn into raisins? How? How does the sun dry things up? Why don't WE dry up in the sun?"), mold ("Why does it grow? What is it?"), the lifecycle of dandelions, how bladders work, germ theory, the difference between motor scooters, motorcycles, and motorized scooters, why wind happens, why rain happens, what causes thunder and lightning, when and why people will die, the ins and outs of poison ivy reactions, etc. Her mind is constantly curious about the workings and reasons behind EVERYTHING. Which is great, except I find myself struggling to recall middle school Earth science...

I've been delighted that in the past few weeks, babysitters and strangers alike have commented alike on how well-behaved Jo and Sam are, and how well they get along. I feel proud to have such sweethearts who play well together - even if it's only when they're being watched by others...

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