Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Gifts & Hair

P.S. About the scissor picture: It looks more wild and scary than what was actually happening... which is probably why I thought it endearing... I did teach Jo to use scissors only under supervision. She tried to get me to allow her to cut her own hair, but I said no...

a) A big hit: New umbrellas. They play with them at Mama's house constantly. This morning, Sam put Jo under his umbrella and Jo said, "Oh, he loves me!"
b) Sam's big pompodour - when you brush his hair out, it is WILD
c) Finally trimmed Jo's very long hair - it was getting knotted all the time - it looks so cute! She also got lots of stockings and fancy socks for Christmas, and boy is she ever putting together some stunning outfits!
d) When Jo started playing with the tinker toys she and Sam recieved from Santa at Daddy's house, she started to work right away, "Look, I'm a FAMOUS ARTIST!" she declared.
e) Fifth picture down: Jo on the phone to Grandma Helen
f) Sam's new dog toy - which actually Jo has claimed for her own
g) Third picture up - Jo in her dressing gown (I found it at the thrift store)

- This morning Jo woke up in excitement: "I had a good, a lovely dream! I found my slippers and I got to be on STAGE and I made NEW ballet friends and I wore stockings and she wore them, too!!"

- Last night at around 11pm (yes) Jo the chatterbug was telling me, "I stay up very late and watch the stars and count every one of them"

- She got a papercut on one of her new Ella the Elephant books, and cracked me up when she said, "I need to tell Sam how I got my cut" and proceeded to very seriously tell him - as if the kid is listening - funny how she takes him SO seriously -

Jo said her favorite gift this year was the dress-up she got that is now at Daddy's house ("finally!" she exclaimed).

They turned my fridge off the other day - went to get them milk in the morning and it was WARM. Noticed the dial had been turned to Off. These two, when they get together on something, are quite the impish force...

Thanks to everyone for such lovely gifts!

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