Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Last of the Pics for now...

We had a spring equinox potluck party, and our 7 year old photographer got too enthusiastic... and my camera is No More. Thus, the lack of photos of late. I finally got this one off the card...

So many stories to tell these days, it's hard to keep up! Josephine's vocabulary is so sophisticated, I'm constantly reeling from the questions she with which she peppers me... and the things she notices.

Like, for instance - you know the "butterfly" stretch, where the knees "flap" like a butterfly? Jo did it and also added her arms, explaining that "butterflies have FOUR wings," which is, if you look at a drawing/pic of a butterfly, quite accurate.

Of course, there are moments of artistic-naughtiness. Like yesterday, while I took a quick shower - seriously, it was quick! - Jo took the opportunity to paint a pair of red panties on herself with a marker. And she wrote her name on both legs. It was quite - thorough.

Sam isn't walking yet, but he's close!

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