Friday, June 6, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

So, it's been a while since I've posted on here about the kids... the move has really taken a toll on me and my ability to do anything extracurricular... We love the new house; I can't wait to share photos of my crazy painting of the walls; I feel soooo at home here; and meanwhile, both Jo and Sam are both growing and expanding and learning like crazy.

So here's a few things I've wanted to note about Jo...

1. About Sam, waving his foot around (he's quite dexterous with his feet): His foot is making music on his body. His foot is singing.

2. While getting a diaper change, cream and powder applied: Cream and powder are friends!
Yep - that's one way to look at it.

3. Currently wants to have a pink pirate birthday party and wants to be a pink monkey for Halloween. Knows her birthday is in October, but keeps saying she's getting a 'new birthday in June!'

4. Reading the story Thumbelina, who gets a broken heart when the bird seems to be dead. Jo said: Heart broken?
Yes. But then it gets fixed.
Bird go down through her throat? Fix her heart?

Mother stutters, not knowing how to explain this concept...

5. Boy tries to play with her on playground - she pushes his dump truck away, saying: "I'm having time to myself. I'm having space." Hmm... where in the world could she have heard that from???

6. Playing with Daddy, she roars like a lion. He mimics being scared.
She says, "Don't be scared. Just pretend (tend) lion!" Very sweetly concerned for her dad.

7. Jo can count to 10; she can pick out numbers (like 5 books at bedtime); she drew an "L" today and said "an L for Lily!"; she knows a "J" "is for me!"; she's extremely astute with memory and story, as in noticing pieces of a story that will recur later, hard to explain but very interesting; is learning how to use the word "interesting."

Yes, the pic above is her with brother Henry... she adores him...

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