Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And the mom jumped over the cow

We were in the kitchen chatting and making dinner when Josephine said, “Beavers talking!”

“What?” I asked, a little confused.

So Sean explained that on their trip to the park that day, they'd stopped by the creek and saw beaver dams - and learned then that beavers talk differently than other animals.

“For instance,” he said, “How does a cow talk?”

“Moo,” I said.

A pause. Sean: “Very good, Amy – but I was asking Josephine!”

I had seriously responded as if he were really asking me – we died laughing.

I obviously have gone over the edge...

... or not. The other day, I managed to have Jo help me bathe Sam rather successfully, and then she bathed her baby dolls, over and over and over (more like full-body baptisms), and then we washed the dog together, and we all felt "all clean."

Yesterday I took them both to the park. Josephine wore a "PAID" sticker from the grocery store over one eye, like some kind of capitalist pirate... it was a gorgeous day. I am so ready for spring!

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