Sunday, February 4, 2007


1) The pigtails lasted almost all day! Though you can see she's already grabbing at them to yank them out.
2) Sean's not a fan of the "patience tester" shirt; but it is amazingly difficult to find shirts for kids this age without writing on them! Also, this was on sale for $1.87 at Target, and with this cold weather, we needed more long sleeves.
3) Notice the new high chair that we had to get because we managed to break the plastic on her other one... it took me several hours to put this wretched thing together, mostly because the instructions for assembly were these pale, vaguely written, and badly illustrated diagrams that I had to interpret rather than follow... But it's been awesome. Josie actually eats when nicely strapped in!
4) She loved the fruit smoothie I made. Made me proud.
5) Random note: the red pepper nasal spray I ordered online last week WORKS. It's cleaning out my sinuses like crazy, my ears are popping, I feel awake and good! I highly recommend.

Amy (photos from Feb. 3)

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